Our History - "OlioVitali" … l’olio di Nonno Luigi

Formerly, the Piceno has been the extraordinary olive oils state, which were "exported" with its seal to aristocratic tastes fine. Some brave millers tried later to restore the old honor faded over time. What has never lost, is the accuracy in his oil mill uses the miller.

In the 50s of last century grandfather Luigi began his career as a miller, experience and tradition of our family company, let us know the best areas of olive production in vocation Piceno and then select good matches typical oil in order to contribute to the reinterpretation of the ancient honor.

nonno luigi

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The three generations of Vitali family

For generations, we study the best way to obtain the highest quality of real Extra Virgin Olive Oil, by the old rules handed down through the years:

- collection of good olives directly from the branch;
- pressing in 23 hours;
- cold pressing and "light pressure";
- stored away from cool place, light and heat.


Olio Vitali is an high quality extra virgin olive oil produced by Vitali family from three generations, selecting the best types of olives of Piceno region!

Monocultivar SARGANO, FRANTOIO, ASCOLANA e CARBONCELLA are the principals oilve oil produced.  And FRUTTATO - NONNO LUIGI selected by Grandfather Luigi thanks to his old experience. So he found the best mixing to have this particular taste. This Oil is absolutely genuine, with a gentle taste but fairly intense and long lasting aroma.  




Has beneficial effects on the entire gastro-intestinal apparatus, it is useful for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, normalize blood pressure and has an antitumor function for the whole human organism.
If it is a quality..Oil is a real NATURAL gift!!


Our mission is: "Producing and promoting Extra Virgin Olive Oil rich in healthful benefits ... for a healthier world!"